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Outward links[edit]

  • Can link animated cartoon: ...]] installations. *[[1942]] - The [[Walt Disney Company]]'s animated cartoon ''[[Bambi]]'' premiers.... (link to section)
  • Can link U.S. President: ...nhabitants' attempts to escape to the [[West]]. *[[1987]] - U.S. President [[Reagan]] assumes responsibility for his role in the [[Ira... (link to section)
  • Can link animated series: ...e [[United States]]. *[[1997]] - The popular, controversial animated series ''[[South Park]]'' debuts on [[Comedy Central]].... (link to section)
  • Can link Category 4: ...Greece]] ( [[August 29]]). *2004 - [[Hurricane Charley]], a Category 4 storm, strikes the [[Fort Myers]] area in [[Florida]].... (link to section)
  • Can link queen consort: ... (d. [[1698]]) *[[1792]] - [[Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen]] - queen consort of King [[William IV of the United Kingdom]]... (link to section)
  • Can link women's rights: ...the United Kingdom]] *[[1818]] - [[Lucy Stone]], pioneering women's rights activist... (link to section)
  • Can link Nobel Prize: ...ct (d. [[1976]]) *[[1912]] - [[Salvador Luria]], biologist; Nobel Prize, 1969 (d. [[1991]])... (link to section)
  • Can link figure skater: ...anny Bonaduce]], actor *[[1969]] - [[Midori Ito]], Japanese figure skater... (link to section)